Genius Stone is anetwork of proven experts who transform businesses through insight, new opportunities and solutions.


Over the years I have learned that the environment we work in has a huge impact on success. When I took teams white water rafting, we told our life stories around the campfire, and the insights were profound. But today many do not have the time to travel to these beautiful places. So I have created a retreat center that is relaxing and facilitates insight here in Southern California.

The Genius Stone Leadership Retreat Center is on a peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean in Belmont Shore, close to most Southern California locations. The beautiful gardens of the Center, open ocean and the bay are ideal for clearing your mind and preparing you and your team to create new realities in your business and yourselves.


All our meetings will take place in the Genius Stone Retreat Center, during walks along the ocean, the bay, and sitting on the sea wall watching the pelicans dive into the surf at sunset to the sounds of seagulls hovering on the winds and waves rolling into the shore.

We are surrounded by nature. Each day ends with beautiful sunsets over the ocean. This peace is essential to success.