Genius Stone is anetwork of proven experts who transform businesses through insight, new opportunities and solutions.



Unleashing Genius: The great leaders first learn to unleash their own genius, discover the genius in each of their team members, and then synchronize each person's genius to create a high performance team.  I tell stories about this kind of genius from my experience and give a few short lessons.

Discovering and Manifesting Business Missions: Many leaders are good at discovering a business mission, but they are not good at manifesting that vision into organizational and economic reality.  I present seven key steps based on my 25 years of experience.

Building an Accountable Organization: It seems to be human nature to avoid responsibility by blaming others and generally pretending not to be aware of present reality.  This speech presents a proven methodology for creating a highly accountable organizational culture or team.

Integrative Presence: Great leaders learn to move into a state-of-mind similar to "The Zone" which sports figures achieve.  I call it "Integrative Presence."  It allows the leader to let go of cognitive distortions and perceive present reality in a clearer way than normal.  I tell stores about great leaders who have mastered this ability and give some short lessons for those who want to develop this skill.

Creating the Future:Most leaders attempt to create future business opportunities from old ideas instead of a clear understanding of present reality, and often fail or spend too much capital.   In this speech Paul shares his experiences with leaders who live in the present reality and are able to see the patterns that lead to the future.  This talk may change your entire approach to planning and life itself.

Creating High Performance Teams: Business is like a team sport.  Each player must understand their particular genius and the genius of the other team members.  The leader must understand each person's genius and how to synchronize the individual genius into a team.  Following this understanding, the leader must learn how to synchronize all the teams into a high performance culture.  It is not about, as most believe, having corporate values.  It is about discovering individual genius and team wisdom.