Genius Stone is anetwork of proven experts who transform businesses through insight, new opportunities and solutions.


Paul has worked with over 100 CEOs, over the past thirty years helping them with the leadership of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. They are in the spotlight and have benefited from advise as leaders and public figures. All high profile leaders face different challenges, but it is all business. The ability to expand your natural genius is mission critical.

Paul works with clients until they achieve their growth objectives, which are most often beyond their own expectations. For example:

"Paul Walker is a gift for any organization. We hired him to consult and coach our senior executives. He made a positive impact with each person and provided the best total value for services rendered. He has become a good friend and has influenced our lives for several years: for good. Thank you" — Dr. Robert Adamik

"Paul - I was reflecting on people whose coaching made a difference in who I am today. You genuinely cared about me being successful. And while you offered me feedback on my facilitation, the more critical impact came in the insights you helped me have. One was a comment you made: 'you seem to carry the responsibility of the world on your shoulders. It must be heavy.' That statement has stayed with me all these years - and helped me trust others and share the wealth of growth and learning. Thank you." — Jane Black, Executive Coach

"Coaching is tricky. Sometimes we are aware of what's holding us back yet can't get out of our own way, even when we want to. Other times we are blinded and honestly can't see what is keeping us stuck. Weather it's you, your team or your company these two states of being create a unfulfilling future. The heartfelt skills and intuitive talent needed to help create individual, team and company breakthroughs is just what makes Paul Walker a one-of-a-kind, outstanding coach. He has, what I see as 5 core beliefs: (1) he meets you where you are, (2) helps you to see the parts of yourself that are truly amazing, (3) offers context for you to think about what's holding you back, (4) helps you to identify what YOU want and (5) then goes on the journey of discovery with you. It is about inventing your desired future. Paul makes it joyful and is with you when it's hard and lonely. That is what makes him one of a kind." — Sandra Berg, CEO Pacific Resource Recovery Services

"Paul helped me build the foundation of a great company by helping me lead our team from good to great. He helped me build stronger relationships with the board and the owner. In doing so he helped reduce conflict between key executives and build better teamwork. Each member has a personal vision statement for themselves, which reflects their best and they have been coached to lead from that understanding instead of old habits. Each SVP and VP developed a mission statement for their team which supports our business strategy. Each leader understands their team members strengths and challenges and has a development plan for them as a team and individuals. His work with me and my team is visionary and inspiring. If you are looking for a leadership consultant that truly cares about the people and your success and will help take your team from good to great, working with Paul would be an outstanding choice." - David Murphy, President / CEO of Barco Uniforms

"I have been observing many good things with the senior team and the company overall. Your impact has been terrific. A huge thanks for all that you are doing for us." — Michael Donner, Chairman and Owner of Barco Uniforms

"Paul has been a huge help to me over the several years that we've been working together. He has helped me to understand who I am as a leader. His blend of mental toughness and generous spirit is inspiring and clear. These leadership lessons are invaluable." — Garson Foos, President, ShoutFactory

"Thank you Paul, Everybody is super boosted but at the same time super exhausted after these 2 days ! It was really effective and you really did an remarkable job to bring the momentum up over the 2 days up to the finish line. Everybody is smiling and feel like wings grew on their back over the night ! I really want to you know how good it feels after this. They all recognized that being out for these 2 days was the right thing to do."
— Jean-Marc Lemaitre, CEO Zodiac Precision Products

"Paul David Walker is a renowned leadership philosopher and business consultant providing enlightened guidance regarding theories on genius and personal mastery." — Mark Parrish, President & CEO, Igloo Products

"Paul has an uncanny ability to zero right in on the heart of vexing problems, to bring clarity, and to help the executive team find the best solution."
— Katie Williams, President, Ideal Living

Paul David Walker, is a must have person to conduct a sanity check on any sophisticated business organizations. He will look for wholes and plug them with the management. — Tom Randolph, CEO, Interactive Artistes

"Paul develops a deep trust and understanding with personnel at all levels, supporting the senior managements efforts to optimize the performance of individuals. Paul has a unique and deep insight into how people, culture and strategy must be brought to work together for an organization to succeed."
— Lloyd Wallis, CEO, Alarin Aircraft Hinge Inc.

"He taught us to appreciate our distinct talents (our "inner genius") and to direct our focus on the future of our company. His easy-going manner and non-confrontational style was refreshing and brought us great results."
                                                   — Lee Harry, Founder/Owner, Buddha Jones 2004-2012

"Paul took our Executive Team through the best team building I have ever experienced. Not only has the velocity of execution increased, but we are more focused on key strategic actions." — Bill McGinnis, CEO, NTS

"Partnering with Paul to pull this off was one of the best investments I ever made. He has a deep understanding of business strategy along with a keen understanding of group dynamics."
— Dave Dutch, CEO, PayLease

"I have worked with Paul for almost 2 years and found him to helpful in discussing both large and small issues. He gives interesting perspectives from his broad experience and was helpful in helping thing though how to help my team go from good to great. We worked together exploring ways for me to be a stronger leader and build deeper more productive relationships with my peers, direct reports and my boss (the CEO). He also coached several of my Director and VP level direct reports helping them develop their own personal vision statements, an understanding of their natural genius and areas for ongoing development for better results within our organization. He also offered his facilities and facilitation support for targeted group meetings. If you are looking for a coach that is easy to work with and can get to the heart of the matter, inspiring and focuses on performance change then you should talk to Paul." — Michaela Griggs, SVP / COMMERCIALIZATION EXECUTIVE, Barco Uniforms

"Paul was instrumental in shaping me as an executive. I highly recommend his services and mentoring."
— Roxanne Pronk, Chief Operating Officer at Lazy Dog Restaurants & Bar

"I highly recommend Paul for helping anyone become a better leader. He is extremely insightful and actually walks you through scenarios which will lead you to the best possible solution. This was extremely helpful as it allowed me to see what I needed to do to improve my leadership. I gained a great deal of trust with Paul after he showed me how to write my genius statement. He took 20 years of experience and narrowed it down to a statement to ensure I stayed in my high productivity zone. He has a wealth of knowledge and great insight. I highly encourage you or your company to work with Paul." — Peggy Schulz, VP Marketing | Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Barco Apparel, Inc.

"Paul inspired me to find my own Natural Genius and apply those findings to my professional growth as a Marketing leader. It was a natural progression from that point to partner with Paul in sharing his insights with my Marketing Team via an all-day workshop. Paul's executive coaching experience and workshop techniques were interwoven throughout a productive day of team building and strategy applications. The ambiance and location of Genius Stone HQ is very conducive to collaborative sharing and strategic discussions. The overall impact on my team was very positive and memorable."
— Adam Bassuk, Vice President of Operations at Simms Restaurant Group

"Paul possesses a unique combination of business, team building and executive development skills."
                                                                           — Dwight Decker, Chairman and CEO, Conexant Systems Inc.

"Because of your expertise we achieved our objectives in an extremely timely fashion."
                                                                           — Don Ross, Chairman and CEO, New York Life

"We took an enormous leap forward; making our words about a special company become a reality … my senior team has also grown tremendously along with our earnings." — Ken Simonds, CEO, Teradata

"Paul helped to transform our Executive Team into a highly functional, performing and transparent team. He eliminated the background noise and brought to the surface each team member's unique individual talent. He taught us how to communicate and collaborate in a safe and respectful manner. He helped us shape our path to the next chapters of our corporate life. He helped me personally crystallize my vision in leading our team."
                                                                           — Steve Rosol, President/CEO, Mars Air Systems

"I focused on his recommendations without reservation or skepticism and there was clarity, life makes sense, remarkable improvements in my personal and professional life and there is peace, joy and contentment. On top of that there is focus, commitment, improvement in performance and happy to be alive, grateful for the blessings."
                                                                           — Shabaz Raza, CFO, Mars Air Systems

"Paul enabled our team to see the vision of expanding nationally, we were able capitalize on our team's individual & collective genius, and we synchronized our team genius into superlative business results."
                                                     — Ed Resendez, Vice Chairman/President, Cherrywood Commercial Lending

"We took an enormous leap forward, making our words about a special company become a reality"
                                                                                                                   — Ken Simonds, CEO, Teradata

"We have come together as a team so that all energies are focused on our vision and mission"
                                                                                                                         — John Lee, President, ELC

"He is direct, insightful and not afraid to get in my face… key to my selection as CEO"
                                                                                        — Raouf Halim, CEO, MindSpeed Technologies

"He possesses a unique combination of business, teambuilding and executive development skills. I am sure many other CEOs, as I have, will benefit from his work"
                                                — Dwight Decker, Chairman and CEO, Conexant Systems Inc.

"Paul took on a "fast break" marketing product launch project for our Company dealing with a Fortune 100 company. He and his colleague, Michael Utvich, rapidly sized up our Company's market position, customer value proposition and guided us to a highly successful meeting with the Fortune 100 firm. The results were that our strategic partner bought fully into our value proposition and enthusiastically partnerws with us for a product market launch. Paul showed his seasoned, elder statesman skills in leading the meeting, focusing the work and rapidly responding to a critical meeting for our Company that would be a tipping point in our launch. I recommend Paul and his team to any management team needing a strong partner in assessing a product marketing/ positioning project."
                                                                          April 15, 2010 — Larry Stambaugh CEO CryoPort Inc

"Paul David Walker is a renowned leadership philosopher and business consultant providing to others enlightened guidance regarding theories on genius and personal mastery. Yet HIS true genius, in my opinion, resides not in his teachings alone but rather in the practical and implementable disciplines he embodies. His leadership itself provides an inspiring model for others to emulate. Paul's extensive corporate experience and insightful guidance provide a seemingly bottomless well of wisdom. Weaving together the best of organizational dynamics and operational excellence, Paul understands deeply that peak performance comes in the delicate three-way balance of culture, strategy and structure. It's this very insight, and his customized approach to the business of business, which ensures Paul's invaluable contributions whenever and wherever his counsel is sought."
                          June 15, 2010 — Mark Parrish President, CEO, & Director at Deceuninck North America

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul for more than one year. He has a strong ability to see the larger picture, effectively represent the views of numerous stakeholders, identify the central problem and provide coaching that leads to strong performance."
                            May 13, 2010 — Stephanie Marchesi President, Cohn & Wolfe

"I was hired to run a high technology / high growth company with a diverse set of executives. We needed to quickly develop an actionable strategy as well as "jell" as a team. Partnering with Paul to pull this off was one of the best investments I ever made. He has a deep understanding of business strategy along with a keen understanding of group dynamics."
                 April 17, 2010 — Dave Dutch CEO

"Paul has provided exceptional advice and counsel as part of my kitchen cabinet. He is a truly cutting edge thinker. He brings a an insight to leadership that is refreshing and actionable."
                            April 20, 2010 — Matthew Gonzales , Corporate Manager - Organizational Development , Toyota Motor Corporation

"Paul David Walker, Genius Stone Partners, CEO & Founder is a must have person to conduct a sanity check on any sophisticated business organizations. He will look for wholes and plug them with the management. If you want to develop good governance, please consult Paul David Walker. He is also a very seasoned CEO coach, helping new CEOs meet their expectations as an leader."
                                         May 17, 2010 — Thomas Randolph , CTO , NXTM

"I contacted Paul on a Saturday afternoon about a crisis situation, and he dropped everything to clear his calendar for that a meeting that same Saturday evening--all this for someone who wasn't even a client. This act of kindness and dedication won my heart immediately, and he's gone on to be a treasured coach and friend to our management team. Paul has an uncanny ability to zero right in on the heart of vexing problems, to bring clarity, and to help the executive team find the best solution."
                                August 12, 2007 — Katie Williams President, Sylmark Inc.

"Paul and I were colleagues when I served as CIO at Conexant. He joined our team as an SVP after first serving as the exec team's Leadership and Team Dev coach from Senn-Delaney. Paul brought an entirely new and different perspective to the leadership team at Conexant. As our CEO put it, Paul was "like a chiropractor, but for the leadership mind". He helped the team gel as a team at a critical time in the life and history of Conexant. Conexant was hyper-scaling along many axes - from being a division of Rockwell to an independent, publicly-traded company, from a single business to 5 distinct business units, from operating in 15 locations to having over 50 locations of operation, from being a $1B business to a $2.5B business, from from a $1 Billion market-cap enterprise to many times that figure....the list goes on. Paul has remained a good friend and a great personal coach through the years. His perspective and counsel continue to be as valuable today to me as it was when first we met."
                                                     April 17, 2010 — Ashwin Rangan , SVP and CIO , Conexant Systems Inc

"Mr. Paul Walker was hired as a management consultant to our company to advise and support senior management in improving management practices. From day one, it was apparent that Paul will have a significant positive impact on our management culture and operations, and he delivered unquestionably. For over a year and half, Paul worked diligently and creatively to introduce new innovative perspective to the way we manage ourselves and our teams. Paul worked with the senior and middle management of the company equally to enhance significantly our management style and to create a more positive environment to conduct business. Personally, I have learned and benefited much from Paul's extensive management experience and methods, and I know that my colleagues benefited greatly as well! I highly recommend Paul's services to any environment seeking a significant improvement to its management operations and culture." May 10, 2010 — Abe Ali VP Engineering

"Paul enabled our team to see the vision of expanding nationally, we were able capitalize on our team's individual & collective genius, and we synchronized our team genius into superlative business results. I highly recommend Paul to any executive who is looking to harness his team's energy and collective wisdom, he knows how to get them on the road to success!" April 19, 2010 — Ed Resendez CEO, Resume

"Paul offers great insight gathered from his years of working with a wide range of clients and businesses. He provides honest advice from a perspective that is based on his broad experience."
                                                                  — Alan Hiken VP Engineering, Rubbercraft

"Paul helped our company's partners resolve major differences in our management styles. He taught us to appreciate our distinct talents (our "inner genius") and to direct our focus on the future of our company. His easy-going manner and non-confrontational style was refreshing and brought us great results."
                                                                             June 23, 2010 — Lee Harry Partner, Buddha Jones Trailers

"It's very enjoyable to work with Paul. He's process oriented in problem solving."
                                                        May 3, 2010 — Shu Li , Senior Vice President , Conexant Systems

"I worked with Paul when he was a senior execurive at Senn Delaney. I always enjoyed teaming with him on enagements with CEO's and their teams at Fortune 500 companies. Paul was an excelent consultant, a skiled seminar facilitator and an effective executive coach. He knew business and he understood human dynamics. I wish him well in his new ventures. Dr Larry Senn Chairman Senn Delaney"
                                                          April 24, 2010 — Larry Senn , Chairman - Senior Partner , Senn-Delaney

""I have known Paul for over 20 years and have always been impressed with his ability to help executives expand their talents or as he calls it " their genius". Paul's book is the culmination of years of executive and organizational development. Paul is particularly skilled at getting teams to work together to improve the profitability of the organization." April 23, 2010 — Bill Ellermeyer , Principal , Ellermeyer Connect

"Paul provided critical strategy for implementation of a culture change process as part of an acquisition. He guided the groups and coached individuals as we build one team with one culture. We garner the benefits to this day. Brenda Sanders" April 22, 2010 — Brenda Sanders, PhD

"Paul is a visionary business coach and leader at the forefront of helping companies and executives elevate to a new level of thinking and execution. As a founder of Genius Stone Partners, Paul is at the forefront of a new way of doing business, where all stakeholders are challenged to unleash their genius to transform businesses, individuals and the world. Paul is one of the early pioneers of executive coaching and on a personal level, an exceptionally warm and authentic human being. It is a pleasure to work with him."
                                                April 21, 2010 — Francesco Barbera , Corporate Attorney , Proskauer Rose LLP

"People seem to be afraid of how able they can be. But, at the same time, they want to have a life of ease and success. Unleashing Genius by Paul David Walker will give you the courage and road map to allow yourself to follow your dreams to that ease and success. Paul has a proven track record of helping leaders pursue their visions and as an ardent student of genius, he combines these into a powerfully insightful awakening for you to experience. Read the book and open new possibilities for yourself. You deserve to unleash your genius."
                                                                                        April 21, 2010 — Brett Miles , CEO , Milestones, Inc.

"If you wish to be inspired, challenged to change your thinking, and moved into action, then read Unleashing Genius by Paul David Walker. I've read dozens upon dozens of books in this genre, but this one stood out from the rest. From the story that sets the stage for Paul's life work to the simple yet powerful models he shares, every chapter is engaging and useful. I simply could not put the book down. Paul's work is genius and can help you find your genius too. I particularly enjoyed the concept of "integrative presence." As an executive coach, I have found several of Paul's models useful in my work with clients. Get a burst of insight and inspiration; read Unleashing Genius now!"
              April 20, 2010 — Michele Parrish , President, Executive Coach & Consultant , Parrish Partners, LLC

"Paul's energy, insights, and enthusiasm bring out the best in the people with whom he works. He has a particular ability to see where the gaps are in a team and bring in the right person. The result is that people who work with him get in touch with the natural genius they embody."
                                            April 20, 2010 — Ken McLeod , Owner , McLeod and Associates

"Paul David Walker is a consumate professional. He leads with both his head and heart, truly understands his clients' needs, delivers on time and exceeds client expectations EVERYTIME. I highly recommend Paul and his coaching services, programs and books!" April 19, 2010 — Tami Walsh , Owner , Teen Wisdom

"I had the pleasure of working with Paul in the summer/fall of 2009. He is thoughtful, articulate, curious and careful in his analysis. He has sound judgment on business and personnel issues and was a guiding force in our performance improvement. His superior facilitation of a staff retreat led to a marked improvement in relationships and productivity. Paul is a trusted colleague and I recommend him highly." April 19, 2010 — David Muller CEO

"I highly recommend Paul Walker's book "Unleashing Genius". Paul is an amazingly gifted man and coach who specializes in coaching leaders in the corporate environment. His years of experience shine clearly through in his wonderful book." April 19, 2010 — Roy Argall , CEO , Hero's Journey Coaching

"Paul is an exceptional leader, coach, author and visionary. His ability to find and develop the "genius" in organizations and individuals is one-of-a-kind. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Paul will be richly rewarded and have an unforgettably positive experience."
                              April 19, 2010 — Stephen A. Burgess , Principal, co-Creator , Eureka! Opportunity Mine

"Paul David Walker is someone I've known and worked with for over 10 years at Senn Delaney. Paul brings the ability to help leaders find solutions to problems while also deepening their understanding of core principles of health and personal awareness.He is deeply commited to helping each individual find their inner wisdom and solving issues with them to make their business and personal issues come to a successful conclusion."
                                April 19, 2010 — Michael Marino , Executive Vice President , Senn-Delaney Leadership

"I have learned a tremendous amount from Paul. One specific thing he did was teach me how to become an expert serving a particular niche, which is a technique I still use today and teach others to do the same. I have seen Paul help people discover their genius very quickly and anyone working with him will be very, very fortunate."
April 19, 2010 — Cory Halbardier , Leadership Team , Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA)

"Paul has a talent to see the unique genius of each person who interacts with. His curiosity, deep listening, knowledge and experience of the business create a platform for new frameworks and successful ideas."
                                                              April 17, 2010 — Fereshteh Amin , Principal , Amin Leadership Center

"Paul helps you find and expand your natural genius. Then works with you and your team to discover, expand and synchronize team and business genius. He does this in a simple and natural way. Before you know it, everything seems to be working like magic."
                                      April 17, 2010 — Mark Goulston , host/interviewer , Center for Great Managment

"Paul has been a trusted advisor to CEOs for over twenty five years and it shows in the ease and clarity of his work. He is gifted in helping leaders to see present reality more clearly, and leads them to perceive how that reality will extend into the future. He brings a calm and focused presence to his engagements that helps leaders unleash the genius in their teams and businesses. Insight unfolds naturally and leads to strategic advantage, and a team of leaders working seamlessly together. I'd highly recommend reading Paul's book, Unleashing Genius which provides ideas on how Paul approaches his client work. If anyone would like to talk further about Paul's effectiveness please drop me a note or give me a call. He is a bottom line visionary which is a very unusual mix of talent and skills."
                                                April 16, 2010 — Dana Borowka , CEO , Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC

"Paul integrates his lifetime of business experience and focus on the bottom line with a poetic spirituality that invites and discovers the genius in everyone around him. The combination makes him a powerful coach and facilitator. I highly recommend him."
               April 15, 2010 — Karen Bading , Owner , Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting

"Paul is the best in his field. He is extremely knowledgeable about both the creative and business ends of our creative marketing company. He has helped management become better partners and managers. We highly recommend him."                                                                                                                       April 15, 2010 — Jill Allen, Actor

"When I hired Paul as a senior consultant I knew right away he had a special gift for coaching and over the years he has grown both in capability and spiritual depth to become an outstanding executive coach and guide. I would recommend Paul to those CEOs who believe in personal development as a means to business growth and self expression."
                 April 15, 2010 — John R. Childress , President and CEO , Senn-Delaney Leadership

"I have known Paul since 1969, and can vouch for his honesty and integrity as well as for his sincere desire to help people better themselves. His extensive background in business gives him insights into business management that few people have. Some time ago, I attended a seminar, where he was the facilitator, and found him to be an inspirational and motivated speaker, who created a very positive atmosphere for the entire week-long event. Paul is also an accomplished author and poet, whose words I have translated and borrowed for some of my own books in Finland (with Paul's gracious approval, naturally)."
                                   September 11, 2008 — Sirkka Shayan , Author, Translator, Technical Writer , WebWarp

"Paul is an insightful and inspirational pioneer whose clarifying understanding of everything human operates as a powerful catalyst for positive change within all those who are fortunate enough to bask in his wisdom. The common sense of his simple but effective techniques for understanding one's soul, thoughts, and actions to create an effective resonance with everyone and everything around us leads to a much higher personal and professional productivity linked to a calm clarity and intellectual mastery which taps our inherent natural instincts. It's simply brilliant traditional balance in a modern age."
                        April 26, 2008 — Mike Chase , VP , SIGMAnet

"Paul is the quintessential C-level Guru! His ability to find the true genius in an individual is amazing. He works from the premise that each one of us has unlimited ability and talent within ourselves. You only have to read the quotes of the leaders he has guided, to see how valuable his work is, and the impact he has made in contemporary business leadership!"
         April 17, 2008 — JD Buckwell , Owner , JD Buckwell Creative Consulting

"Paul is a committed executive coach with a deep understanding of the management consulting and executive coaching process. Richard Katz, CEO,"
                                                   November 11, 2007 — Richard Katz , Founder and CEO ,

"Paul is an out of box thinker,who provides value in many different ways. He is results orientated and will make a major positive impact to any organization that uses his service. Working closely with Paul helped me have a clearer vision, be a better manager and maximize my potential."
                                              October 4, 2007 — Craig Shandler SVP, Sylmark Inc.

"Paul has an exceptional strategic mind, which makes the connection between business opportunities and their leadership and talent management implications. He is also a very effective board member."
                                                                                 October 4, 2007 — Agnes Mura , Owner , Agnes Mura, Inc.

"Paul's Unleashing Genius process is truly genius. Groups are enabled to generate creative solutions with such ease and effortlessness! The brilliance of teams is released through Paul's expert facilitation and caring leadership. I highly recommend it!"
                   August 21, 2007 — Donna Fowler , Owner , MIndWalk Consulting LLC

"Paul is truly gifted wi th an uncanny sense of core issues, spiritual connection, and directional thought process. He is incredible at explaining the complex in simple terms and never strays from the really important matters."
                                                                                                                 August 14, 2007 — Andrew Martin CEO

"I have had the pleasure of working with Paul over the past year and have found his guidance and coaching invaluable! He has a very insightful approach to career coaching that weaves the the fundamentals of executive leadership and human psychology together. I would recommend Paul to any of collegues who are seeking career or management coaching." August 10, 2007 — Erik Amneus CIO

"Paul Walker is high-level leadership coach. He is a great asset to PCMA and to his clients. For his clients, he develops the genius in leaders, so they can develop highly successful businesses. He is extremely intuitive and motivating."                                                                   August 6, 2007 — Cory Halbardier , Member , Member of PCMA

"Leadership, especially effecti ve and enlightened business leadership has been a passion of mine for more than twenty years. I am now of the firm conviction that the next level of effectiveness in business leadership has to come from (non religious) spiritual techniques. It has to be a healthy combination of the wisdom of the East and practicality of the West. Paul is one of the very few business individuals I know who understands and implements this in his professional practice. Business Leaders, who seek to enhance their professional effectiveness and personal contentment, i.e. unleash their genius, will benefit from Paul's insights and practical wisdom. A sincere seeker and a passionate coach, poet and philosopher Paul Walker practices what he has been teaching for 25 years."
                                      August 6, 2007 — Sudhir Chadalavada , Interim COO & Coach to CEO , SIGMAnet, Inc.

"Paul David Walker is a thoughtful consultant and practitioner of Conscious Capitalism, especially with respect to drawing out the intrinsic potential of the human beings within an organization."
                                            August 5, 2007 — Michael Strong , CEO and Chief Visionary Officer , FLOW, Inc.

"Paul's coaching and writings have been of immeasurable help to me in my personal and professional life. The time we spent discussing issues helped me through difficult times. I often refer back to our discussions and my readings to recenter my thinking and approaches to situations. I recommend Paul to everyone looking for a career/life coach."
                                                                                      June 6, 2010 — Christopher Lappi CIO, Resme Inc.

"Paul brings years of experience dealing with complex and challenging global business situations, coupled with a deep understanding of the human factor -- how mind, heart and soul shape our perspective and the decisions that flow from it. His "Genius" concept has been an insightful and effective way for me to understand the deeper value in myself and those I work with."
                    March 29, 2010 — Michael Utvich , Partner , Genius Stone Partners

"Paul is a dynamic leader and coach who is a master at creating change."
January 25, 2008 — Lyse Wells , Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning , Conexant /Rockwell Semiconductor Systems reported to Paul David at Conexant Systems

"Paul is an excellent leader and motivator. His strategic vision, mentoring and daily support provided me with the foundation needed to be sucessful in my role. Paul is very focused on the needs of others, and has a incredible ability to undestand and provide just the right push when it is needed most."
August 5, 2007 — Bob Rose , Director, M&A Integration , Conexant Systems reported to Paul David at Conexant Systems

"Paul was an inspiring leader of the Senn-Delaney Leadership organization before moving on to help Conexant Systems.Paul understands the effect of leadership on corporate culture and has many tools to help leaders and their teams move to the next level of development. He is also a very effective coach to those leaders."
                                                  August 5, 2007 — Dennis Alimena , Vice president , Senn-Delaney Leadership

"Paul is an innovative leader, dedicated to continuous learning and unleashing the genius of his clients."
                     May 8, 2008 — Tracey Carrruthers , Vice President, Executive Coach , Senn-Delaney Leadership