Genius Stone is anetwork of proven experts who transform businesses through insight, new opportunities and solutions.


My fundamental vision of Genius Stone Partners is that each person possesses innate, deeply grounded abilities and strengths that will lead them to the future those strengths naturally create.
Discovery and realization of these essential powers in the moment is what we call Genius. Like the runner in the heat of the race, each person has experienced moments where they are most fully and deeply
connected with the fullest powers of their being.

Our work with individuals, teams, and organizations is grounded in the present reality of the business situation, and realizing the Genius of all individuals involved to work successfully within present reality.

"A problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created the problem." - Albert Einstein

Genius is not IQ or EQ, - it is the ability to set aside your thoughts and beliefs and consciously experience the flow of cause and effect that makes up present reality, similar to an athlete in "The Zone." Like a surfer who finds the sweet spot on a wave riding towards the shore, our most powerful future is in the present moment.

Great leaders are able to perceive and understand the flow of cause and effect that drives their leadership, industry, and team to respond to that flow before their competition. Genius is letting go of what you think are the answers, connecting with the flow of reality and continually adjusting your company for strategic advantage.

Genius Stone Partners specializes in coaching you and your team to change your level of thinking. As your thinking changes, we help turn insights into organizational and economic reality.

As Miles Davis once said, "Sometimes you have to play a long time to play like yourself." This work can help you accelerate playing like yourself.


My mother's side of my family are artists and poets, my father is a 4th generation entrepreneur and I am the 5th. I am a CEO Coach and a poet. I always kept these parts of my life separate until about ten years ago when a friend, JD Buckwell, who was working on my branding said, "If you integrate both you will have a truly unique brand." It took a while to do this, but now this approach is more effective than I could have imagined, and a total expression of my calling.

Leadership consultants either work with insight into life or business strategy. It has been my experience that without integrating both, neither is totally effective for business leaders. Separating life and business is just not natural, and seems to cause stress, family breakups, and business failures. A healthy life creates a healthy business, and the reverse is also true. In retail we say, "A great place to work is a great place to shop." Gallup in their studies has proven that engaged employees are much more productive. This is all easier said than done. I work with CEOs of mid-sized companies and their teams, here is how I do it.


We are all born with an essential set of energies that become covered during our loss of innocence. Fears build up in our mind and habitually block our natural gifts. Through a series of weekly meetings, I have used a process of discovery that leads to rediscovering your essence, or natural genius, as a person and leader. Once understood, I coach you to integrate your essence into your life and work. This knowledge will accelerate your wellbeing and ability to invent a future that is a natural extension your essence.

You Will Discover:
   • The nature of your natural genius, which is your unique energy
   • The thoughts that block the experience of your genius
   • A process to let go of habitual patterns that block your creativity
   • How to release your natural genius and creativity and feel it flow
   • How to integrate these understandings into your life and work
   • Mastery of projecting your unique inner energy without saying a word

Our essence is always unique and beautiful; any darkness comes from our fears. Once leaders understand who they are, working to integrate their essence into their work is a challenge but generally is handled with grace and easy.


A CEO, or President, has to lead multiple constituencies: the board, investors, the executive team, employees, communities, and customers, who all seek benefits from their relationship with the CEO. After helping my leaders find their essence, I start my work with them, as I have for 30 years, saying, "My only agenda is your success. You can say
anything to me in confidence, and I will be there to help you through the difficult decisions you face each day. I will inspire you to exceed your own expectations, and I am always on call." Using my experience working with CEOs in growing their business, and my understanding of life principles I help them with issues like the following.

   • Change your team to be ready to go public, define traits of a good CFO, hire the best HR people
   • Lead with strength and kindness, motivate millenniums, be authentic, deal with conflict
   • Building a personal brand, the BOD relationship, target and enter new markets, find the best strategy
   • Develop high potential leaders, get honest feedback, build innovation, build a service driven organization
   • Deal with stress, align strategy, structure and culture, lead change, achieve balance and happiness

Over the years I have learned that the environment we work in has a huge impact on success. When I took teams white water rafting, we told our life stories around the campfire, and the insights were profound. But today many do not have the time to travel to these beautiful places. So I have created a retreat center that is relaxing and facilitates insight here in Southern California.

The Genius Stone Leadership Retreat Center is on a peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean in Belmont Shore, close to most Southern California locations. The beautiful gardens of the Center, open ocean and the bay are ideal for clearing your mind and preparing you to create new realities in your life and business.

All our meetings will take place in the Genius Stone Retreat Center, during walks along the ocean, the bay, and sitting on the sea wall watching the pelicans dive into the surf at sunset to the sounds of seagulls hovering on the winds and waves rolling into the shore.

We are surrounded by nature. Here is a picture from Alamitos Bay. This peace is essential to success.