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Paul has worked with over 100 CEOs, over the past thirty years helping them with the leadership of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. They are in the spotlight and have benefited from advise as leaders and public figures. All high profile leaders face different challenges, but it is all business. The ability to expand your natural genius is mission critical.

Paul works with clients until they achieve their growth objectives, which are most often beyond their own expectations. For example:

"Paul has been a huge help to me over the several years that we've been working together. He has helped me to understand who I am as a leader. His blend of mental toughness and generous spirit is inspiring and clear. These leadership lessons are invaluable."                     — Garson Foos, President, ShoutFactory

"Thank you Paul, Everybody is super boosted but at the same time super exhausted after these 2 days ! It was really effective and you really did an remarkable job to bring the momentum up over the 2 days up to the finish line. Everybody is smiling and feel like wings grew on their back over the night ! I really want to you know how good it feels after this. They all recognized that being out for these 2 days was the right thing to do."
                                                                           — Jean-Marc Lemaitre, CEO Zodiac Precision Products

"Paul David Walker is a renowned leadership philosopher and business consultant providing enlightened guidance regarding theories on genius and personal mastery." — Mark Parrish, President & CEO, Igloo Products

"Paul has an uncanny ability to zero right in on the heart of vexing problems, to bring clarity, and to help the executive team find the best solution."                                — Katie Williams, President, Ideal Living

Paul David Walker, is a must have person to conduct a sanity check on any sophisticated business organizations. He will look for wholes and plug them with the management. — Tom Randolph, CEO, Interactive Artistes

"Paul develops a deep trust and understanding with personnel at all levels, supporting the senior managements efforts to optimize the performance of individuals. Paul has a unique and deep insight into how people, culture and strategy must be brought to work together for an organization to succeed."
                                                                            — Lloyd Wallis, CEO, Alarin Aircraft Hinge Inc.

"He taught us to appreciate our distinct talents (our "inner genius") and to direct our focus on the future of our company. His easy-going manner and non-confrontational style was refreshing and brought us great results."
                                                                            — Lee Harry, Founder/Owner, Buddha Jones 2004-2012

"Paul took our Executive Team through the best team building I have ever experienced. Not only has the velocity of execution increased, but we are more focused on key strategic actions." — Bill McGinnis, CEO, NTS

"Partnering with Paul to pull this off was one of the best investments I ever made. He has a deep understanding of business strategy along with a keen understanding of group dynamics." — Dave Dutch, CEO, PayLease

"Paul possesses a unique combination of business, team building and executive development skills."
                                                                           — Dwight Decker, Chairman and CEO, Conexant Systems Inc.

"Because of your expertise we achieved our objectives in an extremely timely fashion."
                                                                           — Don Ross, Chairman and CEO, New York Life

"We took an enormous leap forward; making our words about a special company become a reality … my senior team has also grown tremendously along with our earnings." — Ken Simonds, CEO, Teradata

"Paul helped to transform our Executive Team into a highly functional, performing and transparent team. He eliminated the background noise and brought to the surface each team member's unique individual talent. He taught us how to communicate and collaborate in a safe and respectful manner. He helped us shape our path to the next chapters of our corporate life. He helped me personally crystallize my vision in leading our team."
                                                                           — Steve Rosol, President/CEO, Mars Air Systems

"I focused on his recommendations without reservation or skepticism and there was clarity, life makes sense, remarkable improvements in my personal and professional life and there is peace, joy and contentment. On top of that there is focus, commitment, improvement in performance and happy to be alive, grateful for the blessings."
                                                                           — Shabaz Raza, CFO, Mars Air Systems

"Paul enabled our team to see the vision of expanding nationally, we were able capitalize on our team's individual & collective genius, and we synchronized our team genius into superlative business results."
                                                     — Ed Resendez, Vice Chairman/President, Cherrywood Commercial Lending