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"Paul took our Executive Team through the best team building I have ever experienced. Not only has the velocity of execution increased, but we are more focused on key strategic actions." - Bill McGinnis, CEO, NTS

"Paul David Walker is the best Executive Coach I have ever worked with." - Lloyd Wallis, President, Rubbercraft

Paul David Walker, Founder & CEO of Genius Stone Partners, was part of building the first leadership firm to align Strategy, Structure and Culture, and has been a business leadership adviser to the CEO's of Fortune 500 and midsize companies for over 30 years. He is the author of Invent Your Future-Starting With Your Calling, Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, two other books, and will publish a new book called It Waits For You soon. He has succeeded by unleashing the genius of the people around him, and is known to be an inspiring visionary leader and master of collaboration.

He has consulted with the CEO's of: New York Life, Food Land, Von's, Harrods, Star-Kist Foods, Teradata, Chase, Union Pacific Railroad, Mutual of Omaha, Rockwell International, Conexant Systems, Anne Klein, The City of Long Beach, and many other less known companies. He specializes in coaching leaders to personal insight and development while leading the growth of their teams and businesses.He has been, and is, mentored by some of the most profound business leaders, philosophers and spiritual leaders of our time.

Paul will involve you and your team in an explorative dialogue that will expand your understanding of how to extend present reality into a successful future. Your understanding of leadership, yourself and your business will take a quantum leap.

Paul is a master storyteller, using humor and insight to stimulate learning from the day-to-day experience of leading a business. He asks his clients to tell and analyze their greatest success stories to create a "line of sight" to their genius. Leadership teams, while laughing and deepening self-knowledge, bond together to win.

Paul works with the CEO, Founders, Boards, and Executive Teams to accelerate the performance of your business, the growth of your leaders, and the health and well-being of your organizational culture.

Paul, and Genius Stone Partners, work side by side with you and your business leaders to achieve your business objectives while teaching the art and science of highly conscious leadership.

Paul possesses a unique combination of business, team building and executive development skills.
          –Dwight Decker, Chairman and CEO, Conexant Systems Inc.

Because of your expertise we achieved our objectives in an extremely timely fashion.
          –Don Ross, Chairman and CEO, New York Life

We took an enormous leap forward; making our words about a special company become a reality … my senior team has also grown tremendously along with our earnings.
           –Ken Simonds, CEO, Teradata

Michael Utvich is an award-winning author and expert in Product Launch and business development marketing. Over the past 30 years, Michael has written nine books on technology. His work bridges familiar elements people can relate to, and creates a third reality that is compelling and clear. He worked as an SME/Expert consultant to develop high technology product brand, market strategy, tactics and execution for Fortune 500 clients and high technology start-ups alike. High technology products often involve complex relationships and intangible concepts, and their value turns on how they enable people to interact, collaborate and build high performance work processes. Michael is known for making distinctions that change the way leaders see and access their markets.

"I've known and worked with Michael Utvich for many years. Michael is a true expert in several aspects of business, management, marketing, branding, and technology to improve the strategies, success, branding, and corporate value of his clients. With wisdom and a sure hand, he brings these skills together, in different ways, to meet the needs, capabilities and culture of his clients. His recommendations are practical, actionable, insightful, motivating and typically can be put into practice in an incremental way that produces value quickly." - Warren Reid, Managing Director, WSR